Wednesday 20 June 2012

Book Review: Work Happy - What Great Bosses Know

I don't often do a book review... In fact I think this is my first one! And it's not even BIM related!

So here is my attempt to broaden the scope of this blog to encompass more information on BIM Management.
During my career I've had to deal with a variety of people and their personalities. I believe I have developed a number of skills that allow me to work well with people.
These skills I have learned through experience as well as from some great roll models. 

I have developed a interest in how people work together and have read a number of books on the subject, recently I have been listening to a podcast called "What Great Bosses Know" by Jill Geisler. You don't often learn new things from podcast and books on this subject, but when reading and listening on this subject reinforces and remind you of either what you are currently doing right or what you can do better.
This not only applies to "Bosses" but also to Employees... we all have to work with one another in varying degrees. In my roll as BIM Manager I have to guide, teach, inform and sometimes lay down the law, for this to be effective there are some key factors that need to be in place.... I wont go on and on about this (but I could)... so check out the podcast or the book, I found it easy to listen too and it has some great information to share...

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  1. I recevied this great comment from the Author Jill Geisler

    Hi Scott: I'm delighted to meet a Revit Jedi! I'm also honored that you would select my podcast and book for your first review. I often hear from great folks like you whose goal is to help others succeed at work. It doesn't hurt to have fun, either! That's the whole reason I teach leadership and management -- including teaching from my own mistakes. The "What Great Bosses Know" free podcasts on iTunes U really struck a chord. They've been downloaded 8 million times, according to Apple. That led to the book: WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW.

    Sincerely, Jill Geisler on Book Review: Work Happy - What Great Bosses Know