Tuesday 26 June 2012

The Revit Viewer

You are able to install Revit 2013 to be used as a Revit File “Viewer” without having to purchase a license.

To use Revit as a Viewer install the software and select “Try”, once the software is installed go to your start menu and in the “Autodesk” folder under Revit Architecture 2013 you’ll see Revit Architecture Viewer 2013

Once you start the application you’ll receive the message:

The Revit Viewer allows you all the functionality of a fully licensed version of Revit with the Exception of:

·         Being able to Save or Save as

·         Exporting or Publishing the project

·         Printing the Project after changes have been made

And you know what, that’s not a bad thing!

Allowing people access to your Revit file and limiting them to being able to view the information and the model is great! You don’t have to export the project to a DWFx every time someone asks you a simple question or wants to print a sheet or set.

Also you can run a basic half day session on how to navigate Revit and that’s all the information they need to know to be able to open a project and get the information they need, anything beyond that you’ll want them to seek out someone who knows what they’re doing in your Revit Project anyway right!

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