Wednesday 21 March 2012

To the Cloud!

I've been hearing the term "Send it to the Cloud" here in the office so much lately now that we are doing more and more rendering online using Autodesk's Online cloud rendering service.

If your not using the Online cloud Rendering service offered to Revit Subscription users your missing out on a great service.

We use Cloud Rendering for a number of reasons... it's quicker, it take the pressure off our workstations allowing the users to move on to something more productive rather than wait for a rendering.

 It does a pretty good job of rendering as well, one feature I especially love is the "Panorama 3D view" which allows me to orbit around within the rendering view... unfortunately I cant export the panorama view or share it yet.... were going to look into how to do this on line securely...

The Autodesk cloud services is not limited to just Rendering, you can also run Energy Analysis, Optimization and Collaboration....

you have some limitation in regards to space.... but for us it's working out Great!

"The core benefits of Autodesk Cloud, available to all Subscribers, are also available free of charge with 1GB of cloud storage space. Subscription customers receive 3GB of cloud storage per seat on Subscription."

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