Wednesday 28 March 2012

Graphic Display Options

Ever found that the shade on your colour perspective prints using the Graphic Display Option Shaded or Consistent Colours print too dark?

Like this:

Shadows may appear ok on the screen but as I have found when you print it, it comes out too dark.

You can actually manipulate the Density of the Shadows by going too the Graphics Display dialog box and select Graphics Display Options.

On the Graphics Display dialog box you'll find a variety of tools that allows you to subtly manipulate the visibility of your model.

If you move the Shadow bar down to 30 you'll see the shadows lighten up considerably.

Lighter Shadows set to 30.

Some of the other options on Graphics Display dialog box include Show Ambient Shadows which gives you the affect of diffused light. For example light shining through the windows.

You can also put in a Gradient background, Ghost surfaces and much more....

Check it out next time your doing some simple presentation views.

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