Friday 16 March 2012

BIM and the Future of Construction

David Light recently wrote a Blog  titled "Are Architects doing enough to be BIM leaders?"

This gave me pause for thought....

I had a interesting conversation with the Business Manager of a large Architectural firm in Vancouver some time ago and one of his comments on BIM was the person who benefits the most from BIM is the Owner or the Developer of the project. His comments were quite interesting and have given me food for thought.

Owners and Developers are the ones who greatly benefit from a project that is completed using BIM and collaboration.

Architects, and consulting Engineers do benefit from BIM by being able to model the building and the ability to co-ordinate their drawings. However they have been creating construction documents long before Revit and BIM came along and they are quite happy to continue doing so using the traditional tools.

Only those that want to produce a better product and service for their clients will adopt the true meaning of BIM. By collaborating not only with the consultants but also with the suppliers and the owner can true BIM be achieved, it takes participation by all those involved within the project for it to be a true success for all involved. The rest will follow along and start using products like Revit, stating that they are now "BIM Enabled" but in reality they have just exchanged one tool for another and continue producing construction documents and not sharing their models with the contractors, suppliers or owners.

BIM = Building Information Modeling.... Is basically constructing the building digitally prior to "breaking the ground". Incorporating not only the "how too" Information on construction but the analysis of how the building performs, accurate quantification of building materials, construction scheduling as well as construction analysis (constructability) as well as the benefits gained after the building has been built and occupied with the use of building life cycle management. 

Those firms and designers who are stepping up to the plate and embracing this "New Fad" called BIM will be not only be successful in their business but will be contribute to society by creating sustainable, livable environments.

BIM is more than just modeling the design, it's the sharing of information for the benefit of the project.. it's not altruistic... we still need to create a successful business, but making such simple changes in our way of thinking and including such things as Integrated Design Process, we can achieve both.

There are already both private and government organizations that are specifying that in the near future (if not already) all projects will be done using BIM.

Within 10 or 15 years will all design and construction be done using BIM?
I don't know.... but the way the current trend is looking I think it'll be sooner rather than latter.

Ask around..... see who currently is using BIM.

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