Wednesday 5 October 2011

Using Spaces for Concept Design

Here's a quick easy way to start off your concept design.

Typically I start with an idea on what size spaces I want in the design, for example bedrooms that are 11'-0"x12'-0", bathrooms that are 6'-0"x8'-0", family room, utility room, mechanical, circulation etc....

Use your Room Separation lines to define the size of the spaces you want.

Then place a Room within your space. 
Include a tag and give it the appropriate name.

Repeat as necessary until you have all your spaces, don't worry too much about the exact size at this point as you can always change the dimensions and configuration of the room latter. (You can edit the sketch likes for the space boundary latter if you need too).

Select the Legend tool and place the Legend in your View.

You'll get the message that no colour is defined, don't worry about that because now were going to change the name and also the colour scheme.

To create a new Colour Scheme (notice they spell colour wrong) go to the Room & Area drop down selection and select Color Schemes.

  Select the Legend to access the (contextual) Modify/Colour Fill Legends Tab and select Edit Scheme.

From the Color drop down select Name. This will then change legend scheme to recognize your room names. Here you can also customize the selected colours if you like.

As you add more rooms it will automatically add more colours.

Now you can alter the size of these rooms, reconfigure them to suite your developing design.
In addition to this I also create a Room Area Schedule so I can keep track of the room area's.

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