Monday 17 October 2011

Dimensioning in Revit

Here is a quick tip when Dimensioning.

Typically we'll start the dimension tool and pick point to point to complete our string of dimensions.

This method is using the Pick "Individual References" mode where we select each point we want to dimension.  

If we take time to look at the options bar and what we can select you'll see we also have the option to select the entire wall.

Here when we choose the "Entire Wall" the Options become active and we can select what references the Auto Dimension will refer too.

However I do find that the dimension selection may need to be edited after placement of the auto dimension but it is still a quick way of dimensioning.

You can edit what dimensions refer too by using the Edit Witness Line tool (EW) after selecting the dimension string you want to edit.

Activate this tool and then select the reference dimension you want to remove or add, then click in the blank space to finish.

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