Monday 10 October 2011

Title Block Parameters

A while ago I had to create a custom title block that had some unique parameters, both shared and independant to each sheet.

Here's how I did it.

Technical Solutions  There are two methods to use shared parameters in a project:

Method 1 Instance - To allow each Title Block parameter to vary, select Drawing Sheets under Categories in the steps below. This method is ideal for labels that will display data that varies from sheet to sheet.

Method 2 Type - To allow each Title Block parameter to utilize the same shared parameter content, select Project Information under Categories in the steps below. This will add a field to Settings > Project Information to provide easy access to the contents. This method is ideal for labels that should display the same data from sheet to sheet.

To use shared parameters from title block labels in a Revit project, follow these steps:

Create the label and add a parameter:

  1. In the Title Block family, add a new label. 
  2. Click Label > Add Parameter. 
  3. Specify the shared parameter name and settings. 
  4. Once the parameter has been created, you can add it to the Label Parameters section by clicking the Add Parameter(s) to Label button.
  5. Click the Load into Project button to load the Title Block family into the project.

Link the shared parameter from the title block family to the Revit project:

  1. In the Revit project, click Settings menu > Project Parameters.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Choose Shared Parameter and then click Select. Choose the title block shared parameter.
  4. Under the Parameter Data menu, choose the category to group the Parameter under. 
  5. Set the Parameter as Instance.
  6. Under Categories, select Drawing Sheets if you are using Method 1 above. For Method 2 above, select Project Information.

Once linked to the project, all shared parameters in the title block should appear blue. This allows you to enter data directly into the label. If a label appears as a red question mark, it has not yet been linked to a project parameter using the above procedure.

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