Friday 30 September 2011

Using Decals

Want to really impress your clients and give them the feeling that you really look at every detail just for them...! Or make your interior renderings look more realistic.

Every great residential designer will visit their client to see their lifestyle, particular furniture tastes and styles so they can get a better feel and understanding of their client. While you are there take lots of photos to refer back too, also take some good straight on photos of their artwork on their walls.

You can then use these images in your interior renderings and really impress your client.

Here's how......

·         Find a picture or adjust your photo to suit. Crop out any borders etc, don't worry too much about the size of the image just as ling as it's not fuzzy or too big a file.
·         If you don't already have a Picture Frame family get one...! Autodesk Seek has some, load it into your project and adjust the size of the frame to suit your image, ie: 5' wide by 4' high.

·         Flip to a elevation where you can see the picture frame such as a section or elevation, create a temporary one if you need too.

·         In the Insert Tab under the Link panel you'll find the drop down for Decals.

·         First you'll need to create a Decal Type. In this dialog box create a new type and give it a name, select the source file of your image and make any adjustments required to Brightness, Reflectivity, Transparency, finish etc...

·         After you have created a Decal type you can now use the Place Decal tool. Under the type properties select your Decal Type you just created.

·         Place the decal in the host picture frame, you can adjust the width and height before placing the decal on the options bar, or after you place the decal select the decal and you can adjust the width and height.
 Locking proportions is always a great idea.
·         Now you have placed your Decal you wont be able to see it unless you render the view or change your visual Style To Realistic.

Place a camera view and Render it to wow your clients, colleagues and boss...


  1. If I want a picture show in visual style ,such hidden line , shaded ,etc.
    Can do it?

  2. If I understand your question correctly, no you cant view the images while in a non-rendered view. Visual styles such as hidden lines etc do not show the images.