Friday 9 September 2011

Creating a In-Place Element

Quite often you need a component that is unique to your project, maybe it's a unique counter top or a tapered profile etc, in these cases you can create a in-place element. In-Place Elements are different to Mass Elements, an In-Place Element is in place of a unique component. Mass Elements are to help you create the form and design of your project. Don't use Mass Elements when you should use a In-Place Element.

·         To create a in-place element click the Model In-Place icon situated below the Component Icon.

·         This will then open up a dialog box where you need to select the Family Category. If it counter top select casework, if it's a column select Columns etc... Be selective, your in place element will be categorized under the selected category.

·         Name your new element.

·         After naming your element the typical mass element dialog box tools will appear. Here you have a choice of tools to help you create your new element such as Extrusions, Blends, Revolves, Sweeps, Swept Blends etc.

Note: Unlike when you create a mass element or a family component you don't have the ability to create multiple forms.

·         Create your form and assign the desired material to your element under the material properties.

·         Finish Model.

Remember:  if you think that at any point you will use this element again don't create a in-place family create a Family Component, this way you will be able to use it over and over again.

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