Friday 16 September 2011

Revit License for home use

A little known benefit for Revit Subscription members is that Autodesk allows you to load your Revit software on your home computer as well as your office.
Here is a excerpt from Autodesk Subscription:

Home Use is a benefit available only to Autodesk Subscription customers. Home Use means that you, as the licensee of the software program, may install a second copy of the software program at a second location away from your office location under the following conditions:

Such second location may include installation on a computer located at the home of
your employees or on your employees’ personal computers.

The use of the software program when installed at such second location shall be to
produce work related to your internal business needs or for your employee’s personal
education or training needs.

This Home Use benefit only applies for as long as your software program is under Subscription and only to the number of licenses of the software program that are under Subscription.

Basically if you are a subscription customer with a standalone license you (or an employee of the company) are legally able to take a copy of that software home and load it on your home computer. you dont have to apply for a home license but you still need to register the software as usual with your existing serial number.
If you have a networked copy you have to apply to Autodesk to obtain the companion standalone serial number.

For more information and details on Home Use Licensing subscription customers can sign in to the Subscription Center and go to the Products and Downloads section on your home page.

Remember... one license one user !!


  1. How can I remove a Home Use (standalone) licence from the computer of an employee who is leaving our company?

  2. You'll need to contact Autodesk directly as they need to check the serial number and revoke the license it for you.
    Give Autodesk license support a email with the product version and serial number and they'll look after it for you.