Wednesday 19 November 2014

AU Session not to be missed: Real Revit set up and its partnership with a BIM Execution Plan

This should be a great presentation with some valuable information...!

Class ID:      BM7557

Do you need to set up a workflow for the introduction of full BIM use on a project? Have your teams been struggling with adoption? Let us share our expertise with you as we take a broader look at what works and what doesn't from execution plans, down to simple file management. Regardless of your experience as a BIM manager on a project - you are certain to pick up valuable tips on true production Revit and the development/real-world use of an Execution Plan.
Justin James, REACH-Consulting Ltd., Founder and President - Primary Speaker
Scott Chatterton, CEI Architecture, BIM/Quality Control Manager - Co-Speaker

Primary Track:                   
Business Management

Target Audience:
Any member of a project team looking to increase their communication, to in turn streamline workflows creating efficiencies.

Level of Expertise:          All Levels
·    Learning Objective 1:     Collaboration in a true BIM sense
·    Learning Objective 2:     Integrated Project team set up
·    Learning Objective 3:     The real use of a Project Execution Plan
·    Learning Objective 4:     Communication tips for BIM Managers - get your team on your side.

Primary Autodesk Software:      
Revit for Construction

Target Occupation/Profession(s):

Construction Manager, Government/Administration Professional, Production and Operations Manager, Structural Engineer/Technician, Business Executives/Corporate Managers

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