Friday 14 November 2014

Another Successful Event

Thank you to the speakers and sponsors of last nights event, it was a great success. We had over 60 people attend last night and all the feedback I have had so far has been excellent, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the knowledgeable, interesting speakers who's presentation not only complimented each other but also flowed one into another.

Thank you to my sponsors listed below, please check out the links to their website. These sponsors fully support BIM in the AEC industry.

Special thanks to each of my guest speakers who are each leaders and innovators in the industry:
Allan Partridge from Group2 Architecture. Allan is also the President of CanBIM
Nick Bevanda, partner in charge of design at CEI Architecture 
Lucas Epp Project Engineer for StructureCraft

Tracey from Points West Audio Visual for supplying the AV equipment and helping with the set up.
Jim from CanCADD with the printing.
Bob from Summit AEC
Tom from Morinwood (Grow the mo Tom)
Kara and Dennis Okanagan College

And also my friends who continually help me with set up and organization, Kelly, Shari and Jacob.

SICA | UDI | CanBIM Okanagan College | CEI Architecture | CanCADD | Morinwood Mfg. 
Points WestAudio Visual | Summit AEC 

I look forward to running this event again next Fall..
I also hope to run a similar event in Vancouver and possibly Edmonton and/or Calgary next year.


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