Monday 22 September 2014

Running a BIM Lead Meeting

Here's a link to a great article on "How to run a BIM Startup Meeting" by Michael Clothier of BIMBicycle Blog.

I've run many start up meetings and the one thing I find most beneficial is the sense of teamwork that develops. Having the BIM lead's together in a room working towards a successful project, knowing personally each person and their personality is a huge benefit.  When you go to call the guy who's having issues with your model you're instantly working on a different level, your working together more to solve problems.

That personal connection is invaluable and I'll always support face to face team meetings even if it means having to travel. It's worth it for the success of the project.

Michael hits some great points in his article that I can add too:

Plan: Plan your meeting well in advance so you can schedule people and get a commitment to come. It's crucial you have the BIM lead people there and it's ok if support people come and go. I've had senior partners join and leave halfway through the meeting which is fine, I appreciate them wanting to understand the process and see what's involved.

Process: talk about how you plan on breaking up the model and sharing it with the disciplines. This could involve your IT people especially if your connecting Revit Servers or using programs such as Egnyte or Newforma.

LOD: We have a long discussion on LOD and exactly what it means, having a BIM Matrix on exactly what is going to be modelled is crucial.


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