Wednesday 17 September 2014

Do you know Dynamo?

Last week we had Edwin Guerra from Summit AEC who are my BIM Consultant in to show myself and a few of my team members Dynamo.

Dynamo is... Dynamo extends building information modeling with the data and logic environment of a graphical algorithm editor.

I have heard so much about Dynamo throughout the year at various conferences (MinnU, RTC, etc.) that I thought it was about time I learned exactly what it's all about and if we could "practically" use it in our office. I say "Practically" because sometimes a newer feature may be pretty cool... but not really practice in production.

Personally I thought we could use Dynamo on those occasions when we have to design complex geometry (wavy stuff) or a intricate fritt pattern on a curtain wall. Basic conceptual design stuff, not really useful for working drawings..... Oh how wrong I was!

Edwin showed us the basics on how Dynamo works and how it can integrate with Revit, pretty cool stuff indeed. Then he showed us how we can use Dynamo for integration with Spreadsheets, Excel and managing Data. 
That's awesome! 

Were now exploring possibilities of using Dynamo for managing room area's, occupancy loads, curves and much much more. Were going to explore it's capabilities.


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