Monday 7 April 2014

What's your re-seller doing for you?

What's your Re-seller done for you recently?

I recently changed my Autodesk Resellers when my subscription came up.

I always thought my re-seller couldn't do much for me besides the basic training, sell me software and charge me for support.  Until recently......

In my opinion there is a ever decreasing market for selling software, now with subscription and software rental I think the traditional role of a re-sellers need to move towards a business model of training and support. Not just training the software basics and implementing BIM, that's done! That market is drying up, what people now need is "advanced project support and guidance". 

Today's software re-sellers need to develop advanced knowledge of the industry and stay abreast of advancement in the industries technology, technique and processes... and that's what I like about SummitAEC my new re-seller. These guys are BIM/AEC supporters and that's their business, they have top notch specialists that can guide you through a difficult project from family creation to process guidance, I've spoken to people with first hand experience and have seen it for myself. I was also looking for a re-seller who I could partner with on events I like to run such as workshops, user group meeting and networking events.

So I ask you... What's your re-seller done for you recently? 
If the only time you talk to your re-seller is when you need to buy software or when your subscription comes due take another look at them and see what they may have to offer besides software sales and basic training, you may be surprised, they may have more to offer than you first thought.  If not...find a re-seller that does... 

This isn't a promo for SummitAEC... (although I don't mind showcasing a company I like working with, if your in British Columbia or Alberta check them out).
This is intended to prompt you to find value where you do business, especially now that the new release is coming out soon. Go find value in your re-seller.


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  1. I couldn't agree more Scott... the typical box reseller is a thing of the past. Time to ASK more from your reseller. -RM