Wednesday 2 April 2014

Minn-U at Minneapolis

I've finally  have got around to my summary or Minn-U.

It was a great event, if you've ever been to Autodesk University it's very similar to that but at a smaller scale... which to me is definitely not a bad thing. With a smaller attendance it's far more personal, you can easily meet and chat with the presenters such as Paul Aubin (we talked about his book), James Wedding (my Civil guys know of him) and Steve Stafford. As well as the Autodesk line up of Phil Bernstein (VP of Autodesk) and Lynn Allen and my friend Ceasar Ruest to name but a few.

This year it was once again hosted by Autodesk and Cad Technology Center (CTC) the makers of the Revit Express Tools, they did a great job.

If you cant make it to AU try to make it to Minn-U, at a fraction of the cost it's well worth it!

Minneapolis sure has some interesting Architecture. They have "skyways" connecting most of the downtown buildings so you can literately go from one end of town to the other without having to go outside!

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