Wednesday 9 April 2014

2nd Reinventing Construction Project Delivery - Vancouver May 1st and 2nd

On May 1st and 2nd I will be presenting "How BIM and the Collaboration Process Changed our Flow of Operations" at the 2nd Reinventing Construction Project Delivery in Vancouver BC.

I will be presenting along side presenters from such as Steve Fleck of Stantec, Scott Matherson PCL and Allan Partridge from Group2 Architecture not to mention presenters from DIALOG, Lockerbie & Hole, Summit Technologies and many more. 
Check out the line up here.

Course program includes:
Collaborative project delivery breaks down the silos of responsibility, requiring close cooperation among all major participants, and aligning participant success to project success. This session will examine the principles of effective collaborative project delivery, which must be achieved for success.
• Establishing mutual respect and trust
• Setting out structure for mutual benefit and reward
• Best practices for collaborative innovation and decision making
• Early involvement of key participants
• Determining early goal definition

Many involved in the construction industry have turned to building information modeling (BIM) because of its potential to radically improve collaboration needed in design and construction. When used effectively, BIM practices can reduce errors and lessen the overall risk of the project. This session will explore how to take advantage of BIM collaborative delivery methods.
• Overview of the key concepts and usage of BIM: BIM characteristics
• BIM as a contract tool
• Implementing and managing a BIM model throughout the life of the project
• Key legal issues surrounding the usage of BIM
• Determining if your project is suited for BIM: barriers to BIM

Hope to see you there.


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