Monday 9 September 2013

Some of my most Most Popular Posts

For those of you new to my Blog, here are a couple links to some of the more popular posts...
Or, like me you would like a reminder of what information is out there!!

How to Create a Material Takeoff Shows you in detail how to create a material Take off.

Wrapping at Inserts - Explained 

Wrapping at Ends - Explained
Wrapping Wall Components - Explained
A series of three Blogs explaining how "wrapping" of elements and components apply to walls.

Phasing, Phases and Phase Filters

Here is my attempt to explain Phasing and Phase Filters.. a very complicated thing to try and explain and this is a primer to help you understand it better. 

How to Use the Copy Monitor Function On the Collaborate tab you’ll find the Coordinate panel where the copy monitor tools reside.

Cloud Rendering Vs Revit Rendering I love the Cloud rendering feature Autodesk offers to Subscription members!
It's fast and easy to use.    BUT!.......

the Revit Viewer  You are able to install Revit 2013 to be used as a Revit File “Viewer” without having to purchase a license.

Removing Revit Add-In's If you need to remove or disable an Add-On tool here are the steps you need to take.

Box Cornice with Overhang Rake Here is the process of creating a "Pork Chop" roof line

Disallow Join I recently ran into an issue where we had a interior stud wall that butts up to a Curtain wall or a Store Front wall.

Curtain Wall in a Wall Just a quick tip on inserting a Curtain Wall into a Regular Wall.

This is just a short list of some of the most popular, you can always do a search in the "Search this Blog" field if there is something specific your looking for... or drop me a line through the comments and I'll see what I have for you or create a new Blog posting..  :-)


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