Monday 23 September 2013

Displacement Sets in Revit 2014

One of the new features of Revit 2014 is the ability to create “Exploded” 3D views.

This image taken from Revit Help Wiki

This feature is called “Displacement Sets”. This tool allows you to control the position of one or more model elements in a 3D view independent to all other views.
For example you can show the assembly sequence of a specific area of a building.

To utilize this tool first save a 3D view by renaming the view.
 Ie: Displaced View.

Select the objects you wish to displace. After selection the Displaced Elements tool becomes active on the view panel on the Modify tab.

Once you've made your selection the “Gizmo” will appear allowing you to drag the element in the X-Y or Z axis.

Once you have the element in position you can use the “Path” tool to place Projection lines between the displaced element and the original position.

Or… if you need to reset the position of the Displaced Elements use the “Reset” icon and Revit will automatically place the elements back to the original position.

 Displaced Elements do not affect any other views, you can also have displaced elements within other displaced elements. You can also Orbit around while in this view.


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