Wednesday 31 July 2013

Wooden Skyscrapers

Here is a great TED talk by Michael Green on "Why we should build Wooden Skyscrapers".

Here at CEI we are also exploring the possibilities of utilizing this renewable resource for high rise construction.

"The NAIOP competition for “An Office Building of the Future” provides CEI Architecture and our partners with an opportunity to explore the issues of constructing a tall office building from wood. Our submission attempts to address the issues of creating effective and attractive working environments that are appealing to a broad cross section of the working public. We believe that a tall 40-storey office building constructed from wood provides opportunities to be uniquely iconic, instantly recognizable and attractive for potential tenants. Our submission defines 40 storeys of flexible, warm and appealing space.
In our desire to define an innovative solution to the issues of an office building of the future, we also believe that any study that provides innovation in a specific building type must also include sustainable strategies that provide solutions to limit greenhouse gas emissions. As the effects of global warming become more and more evident, other methods of construction need to be explored by architects and engineers that provide real alternatives to the traditional methods of construction. One such option is to maximize the use of wood throughout the built environment."
Check out our link.
40 Storey Wood Office Tower

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