Friday 5 July 2013

Are you using Ambient Shadows on your 3D views?

For 3D views we have a number of Visual Styles available to us to view the Model.

However we also have a couple other options which I have found makes viewing and understanding the model easier.

We are all familiar with the Hidden Line setting:

Or Hidden Line with Shadows turned on:

These two settings are great, especially if you don’t want the colour shaded view and just need black and white.
However they can appear to be a little too “Harsh”….
Here is an alternative…….
Under the Graphic Display Options dialog box turn on Show Ambient Shadows.

This will give you the following effect….which is a little softer on the eyes and gives you more perception of depth.


1 comment:

  1. Ambient shadows are one of my favorite additions to Revit latey. Now if only there was a way to control the level of ambient shadows.