Friday 19 July 2013

Lviv Architecture

Just down from the mansion we are staying at is the Ivan Franco Lviv National University.
One of the finest universities in Ukrainian. 

The University originated during the Galician empire.

As you can see the streets are very busy in Lviv. The city is pivotal in trade as it is situated close to many eastern European countries.
The city is a mix of architectural periods according to the rulers of the time. You can quite often see a variety of styles on the one street of different periods.

I found this sigh occasionally throughout the city, if you are disabled you ring the bell. Frankly I don't see how the disabled could possibly get around any eastern European country, with the cobblestones, cars parking on the sidewalk and risking your life everytime you want to cross the road it must be impossible to get around.

Here they are excavating to the original street level which is typically 6 to 8 feet below the current street level.

Prior to numbering buildings along the street You would recognized the building by either the owners name or the building use. Here you can see the the stone engraving representing the original use of the building.
The Opera House is fully functional and magnificently restored inside.


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