Tuesday 22 May 2012

Roof Slope Default

So recently I have been asked "How can I change the Roof Slope Default" which is typically 9/12 slope (for Imperial). I want to set it to 5/12 slope.
I remember way back on earlier versions of Revit (2010 i think) we were able to adjust the roof slope prior to drawing the sketch lines and it'll stick to what I set it too for the next time I create a roof... If I did this in the Template it would set the slope I changed it too set as the default roof slope...
However in later versions this option to change the pitch prior to sketching the roof lines was taken away and any roof slope adjustment will not be set as the default. How can we now set the default roof slope?
So I asked Autodesk how this is now achieved... below is the response I received from the technical support... and once gain thank you to the Autodesk technical support team for promptly replying to my query. The technical support guys (and gals) really do a great job!!

I understand you want to know how to change the default slope used when sketching roof elements in the 2011-2013 Revit Architecture software.

Since the Slope parameter is unavailable prior to drawing the roof Boundary Lines, I don't see a way to change the default value.

Once you have drawn all of the Boundary Lines, you can change all of them at one time by clicking the Modify command, and then changing the Slope value listed for the roof properties (instead of the individual Boundary Line properties). This will apply the value you specify to all of the Boundary Lines at the same time (although it does not change the default slope value for new roof elements).

If you would like to see the option to change the default slope value in a future version of Revit, the following link is setup for you to submit feature requests, or feedback, directly to our Development group:


I encourage you to use the feedback link as our Development group is always interested and would like to hear your feedback directly, as you are better suited to state the business case for a feature request.

So.. as mentioned above if there is something you want Revit to look at send them feedback! I did, I also included the fact that I want views to be modeless so I can drag the view onto another screen...

To follow up: I just received a nice email from "Subject Matter Expert" for Revit at Autodesk stating that he will share these ideas with the rest of the REvit team for Consideration.... now I know Im not the only person asking for this but it's nice to get a positive responce from Autodesk...


  1. Wow - version 2017 and this is still not resolved :(

  2. Yes, I really don't want to have to change a roof every time after I create it. Especially when every roof I create in a large house project is 6/12 and not the default 9/12. I can't think of a single time where we have had to design a 9/12 roof. This really needs to be an adjustable default.

    Our office uses Revit 2018 and this is still an issue.