Monday 7 May 2012

Breaking Up Stacked Walls in Revit 2013

Of all the information I have read and seen on the new features of Revit 2013 I have seen little on how you can now Break a Stacked Wall.
We have already used this feature in our office as it's very handy.

WikiHelp: To independently control subwalls within a stacked wall, right-click it, and click Break Up.

Once a stacked wall is broken up, the subwalls become independent walls. There is no reassemble tool to restack them. The base constraint and base offset of each subwall are the same as for the stacked wall. You can edit instance properties for any of the walls.
Using the stacked wall tool is a quick and easy way to place a wall that includes multiple types of walls and now with this tool you will easily be able to manipulate portions of the stacked wall...Great...

Check it out!


  1. Hey mate
    This has been possible for quite a few years - you had to select and right-click on the wall to reveal the Break Up option.
    Revit Architecture 2010 User's Guide: Breaking Up a Vertically Stacked Wall

  2. Ha.. I'm discovering new things every day!! Even if they've been around a while....

    Thanks Luke!

  3. Once we break up the stacked wall, we can't assemble it, right? I use stacked wall to insert curtain wall in the middle. In order to edit the stacked wall as aluminium cladding and the property of curtain wall i break up the stacked wall family. Is it means i can't assemble the subwall to become a wall family again?