Thursday 17 May 2012

Oh Sketch-up I love you....But!

Oh Sketch-up I love you!....But you know were really not compatible! :-(

Sketchup is soooo popular for doing quick and easy conceptual design and visualization.
However in a Architectural firm or a Design office using Revit, Sketchup can cause some issues.
you can loose design intent whenever you switch from one program to another where you cannot transfer information, like in the case of doing the concept design in Sketchup and then preliminary/construction design in Revit.

When I talk about design intent I'm referring to the feel and flow of the design. When recreating that in another program you typically find that whoever is inputting the design there are inevitable design changes that occur for a variety of reasons (I wont go into here).

The same is true for any program I'm not just picking on Sketchup.

I have seen instances where floor plans don't match elevations which don't match sections because each was created using a different program!

What few Reviteers realise is that a lot of the same tools you use in Sketchup are available in Revit, it's just a matter of spending a little time familiarising yourself with how to use them and you'll quickly see you'll be able to recreate what you can create in Sketchup in Revit.

In fact you may find that you can do more......!

AND! You will not loose the integrity of the design making the transition and flow from each design process easier with less mistakes.

So next time your doing a concept design give the tools you have in Revit a try, such as the Massing tools, Visualization, Solar study, Paint materials, Space scheduling, Visual Styles etc... I think you'll like the results and you wont be replicating work you have already done!

Thoughts anyone?


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