Thursday 26 May 2016

From CAD Manager to CIO

"CIO...? What's that?" I hear you say.

Chief Information Officer.. I like that title... so much better than BIM Manager don't you think!

Many of us have made that transition from CAD Manager to BIM Manager, many of us are finding that the role of BIM manager is growing beyond the scope of managing the project Building Information Model and more involved in the operational aspects of the business.

The transition from traditional 2D CAD to 3D BIM is probably more complex than we ever imagined. It's impact on the overall design and construction process is EPIC... yes I said Epic!

It affects not only how we produce our printed drawings (ugh..until the model supersedes flat printed drawings!) but also the business of design and our flow of operations involving everyone from the VP's to the tech's.

And who's on the front lines.... the BIM Manager! (in my opinion).

Robert Green, yes you know him from his CAD Manager blog, or Cadlyst articles or have had the opportunity to be in one of his session at numerous conferences, has recently writen an article specific to this topic on the new CAD Managers Center site. 
Very insightful!

Read his article here:

Also check out the resources available on the CAD Managers Center site. Worth checking out and bookmarking.

Are you a CIO in the making? 
Your firm or office may not even know that they need a CIO, just like they didn't know they needed a BIM Manager until it became apparent. 

Great advice I've followed for most of my career, "Take on the Role that you Aspire too".


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