Monday 28 March 2016

Training Strategy Part 4

Software training consists of hands on training on the relevant software such as Revit.
Training should be specific to the users needs which can be assessed a number of ways.

·       Skills Evaluation – Questionnaire
Completion of a questionnaire based upon the self assessed skill level including, Fundamental, Intermediate and Advanced.
Based upon the results you should be able to asses the participants knowledge of the software.

·       Skills Evaluation – Hands on
Completion of a series of assigned tasks within the software.
Sitting with the participant while asking them to go through a series of tasks to asses their knowledge, e.g.; opening project, changing view templates, worksets, manipulating model components etc.

·       Discussion
      Conversation with recipient discussion their use and understanding of the software, monitoring their use of the terminology and discussing how they use the software.
     Part 5: Training Follow-up

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