Friday 11 March 2016

Custom Crop Region - Known Issue Printing extreamly slow

There seems to be a known issue with Revit 2016 printing extremely slow when there are “custom crop regions”.

A custom crop region was brought into Revit in 2014 and apparently this has been an ongoing issue.

Here’s a link to Autodesk’s Knowledge Network, however I really don’t think their proposed solutions are much of a solution.

My suggestion would be to avoid the use of “custom” non rectangular crop regions.



  1. Decreasing the PDF driver resolution to something below 600 dpi is a decent solution here. If you are printing in vector mode, the dpi shouldn't really matter anyway.

    For prints that only contain vector content (and contain a non rectangular crop region), I've notice a drastic increase in printing speed and decrease in file size when the dpi is set to 300 or 144 vs 600.