Monday 22 February 2016

BuildEx, Session 2: The Broken Project Delivery Model

Wednesday, Feb. 24 • 11:00am-12:00pm  ROOM 215/216

W33 – The Broken Project Delivery Model

Attend this interactive panel discussion and hear esteemed members of the AEC industry address the broken project delivery model. Highlighting current industry challenges, this session will focus in on why the construction delivery process is overwhelmingly low-tech oriented. Panelists will discuss possible ways to improve, deliver and execute project delivery, expanding on the best practices of leading firms and professionals. Panelists will address costing, communication & collaboration, managing the project team, project delivery methodology, and legal matters. This seminar will conclude with panelists taking a future forward look of where industry goes from here.
Bob Heyman
Marwan Bakri
Scott Chatterton
Charles Leman
Laura Kay Smith
Dr. Sheryl Staub-French

Moderator:Bob Heyman, President, Summit AEC
Marwan Bakri, Director of BIM/Virtual Construction Services, Ledcor Construction
Scott Chatterton, BIM and Quality Control Manager, HDR|CEI Architecture
Charles Leman, BIM Specialist, Bing Thom Architects
Laura Kay Smith, BIM Manager, Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning
Dr. Sheryl Staub-French, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, University of British Columbia

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