Monday 22 February 2016

BuildEx Session 1: New Technologies, Products and Relationships: Risks and Rewards

BuildEx Vancouver
Wednesday, Feb. 24 • 9:00am-10:30am  ROOM 203/204

W07 – New Technologies, Products and Relationships: Risks and Rewards

In today’s built environment, new materials and emerging technologies are being introduced by members of the design and construction communities. With owners encouraging out of the box thinking and looking for their consultants to push the envelope the specification and incorporation of new materials, today’s architects and engineers are faced with one of the bigger liability issues in their professional lives. The use of emerging technologies such as BIM and project delivery methods such as Integrated Design Process (IDP) are also contributing to a new way of collaboration in order to address client demands for effective construction. Recognizing the associated risks and properly managing them is crucial to a firm’s long-term success.
In this session, experts will highlight and evaluate the liability and risks from cases in the past and also address current and future areas of concern. You will gain an understanding of the appropriate course of action to minimize liability.
Scott Chatterton
Jeff McLellan
John Singleton
Speakers:Scott Chatterton, BIM and Quality Control Manager, CEI Architecture
Jeff McLellan, Vice-President, Client Executive, BFL CANADA Insurance Services Inc.
John Singleton, Senior Partner, Singleton Urquhart

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