Tuesday 14 July 2015

Becoming BIM Certified

Have you thought about becoming BIM Certified?

Currently there are few options for becoming BIM Certified including Autodesk Certification, Associated General Contractors of America  and the RCIS in the UK.

In Canada, the Canada BIM Council has developed a comprehensive multi-level BIM Certification based upon multiple aspects including knowledge, education and experience.

The CanBIM Certification Program for Individuals is a tiered certification based upon nationally standardized and recognized levels of BIM Competency and Process Management.

Why get Certified? 
Certification is a formal way to recognise your competency in BIM. Gaining certification from a nationally recognised organisation indicates attainment of specific BIM competencies which indicate to employers and clients an assurance that those with certified designation have undergone a formally assessment process based on rigorous peer review of knowledge, application and experience.

CanBIM Certification includes four levels, the final being CanBIM Certified Professional, attainable after providing documented proof of having completed 3 building projects utilizing integrated, multi-discipline BIM or the previous three level.

The three levels building up to Certified Professional are based upon any academic training that you may have as well as the number of hours working on relevant BIM projects in your discipline.

As a CanBIM-certified individual you will:

Receive a certificate that entitles you to use one of the following exclusive, designations:
  • CanBIM BP1 – CanBIM BIM Professional Level 1
  • CanBIM BP2 – CanBIM BIM Professional Level 2
  • CanBIM BP3 – CanBIM BIM Professional Level 3
  • CanBIM CP – CanBIM Certified Professional

Join a respected and developing group of BIM professionals.
Gain a competitive advantage by being listed on the CanBIM website as a CanBIM-certified individual.

Here is an opportunity to be recognized in your field as BIM certified giving credit for your experience and knowledge in BIM in the AEC industry.

I'm Certified... are you?

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