Monday 22 June 2015

The "BIM Effect"

How does BIM affect the other departments in your firm?

BIM has an impact in all departments such as IT, Human Resources, Marketing and Finance.

If you work in a fully *BIMplimented firm, or are making the transition from CAD to BIM you would have noticed that BIM has an impact on the operation of your business.

As a BIM Manager you can advise and provide valuable information to other departments in the company.

IT: Internal or Outsourced
Working with IT is critical, your IT support needs to have a understanding of BIM and the demands it has on a project. BIM needs to work in conjunction on IT as IT manages the network, the Revit Server, computer requirements and can be a valuable resource creating scripts etc.

HR: Staff Selection and Training
Who knows your technical staff better than you do?

Who can evaluate a potential employee's BIM skills better than you? Be a part of the interview process, even create a BIM or Revit skills evaluation test. Typically I can decipher how good a potential employee's Revit skills are just by talking to them and asking them pertinent questions.

You know your technical staff's skills better than HR, it's up to you as the BIM Manager to improve your technical staff's skills by making training and education options available.

Same applies to team selection, you know the best people for the type of project, their skill sets, what types of projects they like to work on and also when and how to "push" them forward and place them in a team position to help them move forward.

Finance: BIM’s impact on the bottom line
Traditional billing method still working for ya? How about billing?

Advise the project manager on time line expectations and billing time line.
BIM has changed the typical design time line and unfortunately the billing sequence still does not reflect that change.

*BIMplimented - Full BIM implementation. A firm utilising BIM technology to accomplish its goals as a profitable entity.

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