Monday 26 August 2013

Point Layout

I was recently sent a link to software Autodesk recently purchased called Point Layout.

After checking out their website I sent an email to the construction companies we work with letting them know about this new software now available.

Point Layout allows you to create points, either automatically or manually, from your BIM model (Revit, ACA, ACAD, Navisworks) and export them to a Robotic Total Station so you can accurately lay out the building on site.... 

Not only are you able to lay out the building accurately but you can also push points from the BIM model for such things as slab penetrations for mechanical, lighting fixture layout, plumbing fixture placement to name a few possible benefits.

AND.... you can import points taken from the field into Revit for exact field conditions......for example you can accurately import points of an existing building or fixtures within that building, or key elements on site... That's fantastic!

At the time of writing this Blog cost of the Point Layout has not been released but I expect that it'll end up being bundled with one or more of the suites.

Beyond Design wrote a excellent blog about the software, you can read it here.


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