Wednesday 14 August 2013

File Upgrader - Update

UPDATE: JAN 14th 2016
this app is no longer available.. :-(

Here's an update to an earlier post regarding the Content Batch Utility upgrade tool that comes with your install software...

I have found something better....

The File Upgrader App from Autodesk works soooo much better!

Download this app and it installs under the Add-Ins tab on Revit.

When you start the tool simply browse to the folder location of the files you want to upgrade and then select the destination where you want the new upgraded files to be located and the file types you want to upgrade. Revit will open each file and save as new version then close the file.

I just did over 450 families and it took about than 40 minutes...without errors, unlike the Content Batch Utility!

Very nice...


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