Monday 11 March 2013

Callout Far Clipping

When you create a call out in section or elevation view you can independently control the “Far Clipping” of the Callout Independent from the Parent View

Callout on Section View with Wall in Background (Parent View)

In the View Properties of the callout (the Callout View) you have the option to manipulate the Callout Clipping range Independent from the Parent View (Section depth).

 This is what it looks like by default, the view Far Clipping is set to “same as parent view”. Changing the “Far Clip Offset”  wont affect your view here…

 Set the Far Clip Setting to Independent and you can then set the Far Clip Offset to a different value from the parent view.

Here I've set it to 5’-0” deep.

Now you can see the change in the Callout View….The wall in the background in now gone making the detail callout clearer and easier to annotate and read.


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