Wednesday 6 March 2013

BIM Manager Vs CAD Manager

I read today's Blog by David Light (Revit) which really resounded with me.

Here he speaks about the difference between BIM Manager and CAD Managers which I can fully relate too having being a CAD Manager and now a BIM Manager.

The differences are huge! As a CAD Manager you managed the day to day operation of CAD, the CAD standards, set-up, file management, deployment, etc. This was a full time job.... however I was rarely involved with managing the projects side of things.

What I have found as BIM Manager is I now have more to do with collaboration with consultants and clients rather than the set up and operation of Revit. My Revit users know what they're doing, I'm more involved with  the managing of the project rather than the management of the software.

Dont get me wrong, I still set up BIM standards, educate, and develop processes as well as evaluate BIM related software, but my role and duties are no longer confined to the operation and maintenance of the software as it once was as a CAD Manager. As a BIM Manager it's now more project related as well as managing and informing the company as a whole on BIM related issues.

The CAD Manager is Dead... Long live the BIM Manager.



  1. Have not used SW in awhile, but there must be an "update drawing" command somewhere. It sounds like the automatic drawing update is off. Or you have worked on a different representation of the part then what the drawing is looking at.

    Solid Works

  2. Hi BIM Manager, would you be able to send me your example of "BIM documented company policy & procedure"? if you do that I will agree! paste the link here..

  3. Sorry the CEI Company Policy and Processes are propitiatory and not available to the public.