Monday 29 October 2012

Cloud Rendering Vs Revit Rendering

I love the Cloud rendering feature Autodesk offers to Subscription members!
It's fast and easy to use.


The materials when rendered in the cloud don't match the same materials in Revit!
The reason for this is that the cloud rendering engine is different from the Mental Ray that we get in Revit.

Here is a sample of a rendering in Revit, it was set to "Best" and the file is one of the Revit sample file we get.

Rendering created in Revit
Here is the rendering created using Autodesk Cloud Rendering.
Rendering in the Cloud
Big difference eh!
I don't mind the difference in Quality, I expect a better quality product from the Cloud..... but I don't expect such a big difference in how the materials are interpreted, especially coming from the same company... Really, Autodesk should have looked at this before offering the service.
This really limits how much we will be using this service, if we cant trust how the materials are going to display it negates the speed and efficiency of the service. We spend time on selecting the right material according to how it shows up when we render and sending it to the Cloud every time we want to check a material becomes inefficient.
Subsequently we will only render in the Cloud now when materials and colours are not crucial.


  1. FIrst you should make sure which one renders more correctly.

    1. Yup... fortunately it doesn't take too long in the "Cloud".... you could always run a quick Draft rendering in Revit to compare..

  2. The settings you choose make a big difference. Try rendering on native exposure instead of advanced.