Thursday 13 September 2012

Revit Tips and Tricks - Part 2 of 3

This is the second in a series of Tips and Tricks for Revit Architecture 2012 - 2013

6.       Placing the Sun Relative to View

If you want your shadows in your 3D view to remain constant and not move every time you orbit your model uncheck the Relative to View check box under the Sun Settings dialog box.


7.       Orient to View, View Cube  

Under the options of your View Cube in a 3D view (Right click on the view cube or select the small triangular drop down on the bottom right corner of the View Cube).

Here you can orient your 3D view to as per your Floor plan, Elevation, Section and other 3D views. This is handy if you like to work in a 3D view, you can orient to a section view or a floor plan view to work in your model. It will automatically create a section box for you… you can then save the view by renaming it.


8.       Replicate View

To open a second window for the current view, click View tab Windows panel (Replicate). This tool is useful if you want to pan and zoom on certain areas of the design, while also viewing the entire design in another window. (Use the Tile tool to see both views at the same time.) Any changes that you make to the project in the new window also display in other windows of the project. You can zoom in on one view and orbit around, the other view will orbit to match but not zoom in to match your other view.
This tool does not create an additional view.


9.       Shortcut to Editing Families (2013 Only)

In RAC 2013 if you double click on a family it will automatically open up the family in the Family Editor.


10.       Zoom Fit (Extense)

If you double click your wheel mouse in a view it will activate the Zoom Fit command.

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