Monday 16 January 2012

Roof Dormers Made Easy

There is a tool on the Openings panel under the Home Tab called Dormer.
I recently rediscovered this tool, it's a great tool for creating your dormer openings....

I use to just cut the opening by editing my roof sketch but this tool does it much better and easier....

It's easy to use, after you have created your dormer roof and walls on top of your main roof you can use this tool to cut the opening in the main roof.

Here is my building with a hip and shed dormers.

Here I have hidden the dormer roofs to show the main roof below.

Now to use this tool you first need to select the main roof (the one you want the hole in), then Revit will ask you to pick Roof/Wall edges....

This is not as easy as it seems!!!
I prefer to work in a 3D view so I can easily select the objects I need too.

Pick your dormer walls (three of them). then pick the dormer roof (doesn't have to be an edge you just have to pick the dormer roof itself).

Revit will draw sketch lines  representing the outline of the opening within the main roof.  Note: you don't have to clean up these sketch lines, you can leave them untidy.

Hit the Green check mark and your done!!!

You Should now have an opening in your main roof similar to this (I hid the roof):


  1. how can i do the same on a loft/attic conversion as the opeing always defaults to the existing phase & i only need it in the proposed phase?

  2. Are you including the walls as well as the roof in the phase that your creating the opening?