Wednesday 18 January 2012

3D Text - Another Way.....

A colleague where I work showed me this trick as he was creating signage for a car dealership that required a colour face with white sides. This process doesn't use the Model Text tool in Revit.

 Here's how it's done...

1: Import a JPEG image into AutoCAD and trace the outline of your text or logo. I used AutoCAD because I have access to it and I find it easier to sketch lines but you could do the same process in Revit.

2: Import in your Cad file into Revit and do a full Explode so you can access the linework.

Select all the lines and use the Cut to clipboard tool to save the lines on the clipboard.

3: Open a New Family Template based on the Generic Model Face Based file.
Paste from the clipboard your linework and move into position as required.

4: Start the Extrusion command and using the select linework sketch tool pick the linework you just pasted.

Set your depth on the options bar and then hit the green checkmark to complete the task.

Assign a material to your Sign, this is now the base of your new sign.

5: Go to a side view, select your Sign and create a copy (remembering to unconstrain) and change the depth of the copied sign (I chose 1/2").
Change the material of the copied sign and move to the top of the other one.
There you have it... Insert your sign as a component into your Revit Project and place your new sign on the wall of your building.


  1. The other easy way is to use "paint" to have different on the top face other than the sides. It will work for model text as well. That will save you quite some time on doing extra steps in autocad.

  2. Yes your correct, that actually would be easier.... The steps I outline worked well for the logo we had to do as well.
    what we did also was to use Model Text and then copy the text, reduce the size (to 1/4 or 1/8") and then align back on top of the original model text, this then gives me a thickness....

    But I like the paint idea. thanks!