Monday 28 November 2011

Preparing to Share Your Model

Office standards for preparing our Architectural Model to share with (Revit) Consultants.
Here are the steps for when you are sharing the Revit Model.

1.       Save a copy of the file to the appropriate dated folder in the email directory. If your working off a Central File you will need to "Detatch From Central " by checking the "Detatch From Central " check box on the Open dialog box. Then save the file in the appropriate directory. Detatch and Preserve the Worksets, this way whoever you send the file too will be able to manage our worksets.

2.       Go to your standard 3D view then delete all the other views including all the Floor views, Reflected Ceiling views, Elevations, detail views sheets... etc... delete all the views except your 3D view you are in (duh!). delete the Legends and Schedules. We are just sending our model so they can bring it in to base their information on, they dont need sheets and details etc.

3.       Use the Manage Links tool to remove any Linked files (CAD, Revit, etc).

4.       Purge, Purge, Purge... I typically do this three times to ensure you got everything.

5.       Save and close the file, if you look at the file size now you'll notice that it's considerably smaller.
Your Done! File may now even be small enough to email!

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