Monday 14 November 2011

Dimensioning Secrets Part 1

Here is a series about Dimensioning and the dimension tools available in Revit...

Dimensioning in Revit is quite a powerful tool, there are a number of tips and tricks that will help you dimension your project.

You can convert you Temporary Dimensions into Permanent Dimensions by clicking on the little dimension icon.

The grip at the base of the Dimension leader line controls the distance away from the object your dimensioning.

The second grip located midway along the leader line controls what you are dimensioning too. You can either drag this grip to what you want to dimension (such as another object) or if you click on the grip it will toggle through the options Center of Wall - Exterior Face of Wall - Inside Face of Wall.

Below the dimension text you'll see a padlock icon.
When selected this will Lock the dimension.

This will set the dimension distance you are so it will not change, however you can still move the object (in this case a wall) and it will move both objects (both walls at once).

Don't get this mixed up with Pinning an object which will hold it in place, locking the dimension will fix the distance but not the location, for example you can lock the dimensions of partition walls butting into an exterior wall but still be able to move the exterior wall location.

Too add or subtract dimensions to create a String of Dimensions pick the dimension and select the Edit Witness Lines tool then continuo the objects you want to dimension too.

Remember to click in the blank space to finish the dimension.

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