Tuesday 12 July 2011

Underlay Objects Not Showing Up

Sometimes not all your objects in your Underaly do not show up. Here is a brief explanation why.  
First rule of underlays: Underlay view extent properties (cut, range, depth) are not user modifiable and not coupled to any other view's properties. you need to adjust the View Range of the View you are in (the one you want to see the underlay in).

"Plan Orientation" underlays:
The cut plane of the underlay is always taken at the level above the selected underlay level and looks down to the selected underlay level.
If you try to underlay the highest level then the underlay cut plane is set infinitely above the top level.

Here is a Plan View showing the Underlay beneath. As you can see the walls do not clearly show up.

I then change the Bottom Cut Plane to 8' this then changes the depth of the view range allowing me to see the remaining walls and doors.

Here are the results of this change:

For "Reflected Ceiling Plan" orientation the cut plane of the underlay is set to the selected underlay level and looks up to the level above the selected underlays level.


  1. I have the problem that the components is not shown even if I modify the view range. Do you have any idea what could be this problem?

  2. Could be any number of things, check your phasing visibility, view range, worksets, visibility, etc...

  3. in response to Erick: sometimes general models show in views that do not contain them; example: if you have a general model in level 3 and you are at level 1, it may show up in the view (level 1).