Friday 24 June 2011

Point Clouds?

So I've been playing with importing Point Clouds into Revit.

In theory this looks impressive but I've yet to find a practical use for point clouds.

Revit 2012 has a direct import tool for bringing in Point Clouds, works very well and is easy to use. (the hard part is tracking down a Point Cloud file to use!).

However once you bring it in what can you do with it? It's a bunch of points (dots) in space, that you cant even snap too.... would you design your building around this? Use it to help you recreate the building such in the case as a renovation? I don't think so.?

Maybe if you had an existing mechanical space and you scanned it and then incorporated that into your new model but that seems pretty extravagant to me....

Maybe if you could bring in a point cloud file like you can bring in a survey points file.. to create a actual surface???..... Hmmmmmm......  DOH!!

Doesn't work, Point Cloud Files are not created the same as a Survey (gps) points file. :-(

Well maybe this could be something in the future that could be used..... Or if you know of a innovative way to use these Point clouds let me know.

I'd love to be enlightened!

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