Friday 8 May 2020

Supporting the next generation of Industry members

During this challenging time, we must support our industry youth.
With the turndown in employment opportunities, the ability for students to finance their continued education is greatly impacted.
Students typically use the summer to finance their upcoming education costs, with the current restrictions student employment opportunities are limited, and without employment opportunities their ability to return to school later this year decreases.
The impact that Covid-19 will have on our students will no only be felt by the industry in general, but also by the universities and colleges who will see a decline in returning students.
Students need to stay connected to the AEC labour market so they can save money for their continued education and gain experience and knowledge related to Digital Project Delivery. Support our industry by hiring a student.
At AEOS Consulting we have a program specifically designed to support Design Firms hiring students.
Check out our DPD program for further information.

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