Monday 14 November 2016

5 Tips in 5 Days - #1 View right click options

I held one of my "Revit Round Table" sessions recently where I bring together the Revit technical staff and present a brief Revit tip after which we hold palaver (sorry been reading SK's Gunslinger series... again..) err, discussion on the Revit issues they're encountering on their projects.

This is a great opportunity to bring members from all teams together to discuss issues where other team members can offer solutions or suggestions, this helps build teamwork and share knowledge.. the following 5 posts are some of the Revit 2016 tips I share to instigate discussion.  

View right click options
If you right click on a View in the Project Browser to view the “open in location” options.

Handy when you've got a rather complex project browser with many views.


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