Thursday 22 October 2015

Dear Architect... Please don't adopt BIM

Dear Architect.

Please don't adopt BIM, there really is no point.

Look at it this way, you won't ever get the opportunity to work late coordinating plan views with the elevations and sections. When your client makes a last minute change, if you adopted BIM, you won't be able to spend numerous hours chasing down changes in each view.... sorry, I meant viewport.

If you took on the onerous challenge of changing your culture and mindset to BIM what would you're clients think? Your clients have expectations. Drawings with your signature look is what’s important to them. What would the consultants think if you sent them a 3D Mode asking them to "collaborate"?

Just what can BIM modeling software do that 2D cad can't do anyway? All you’re doing is creating pretty pictures, no real value there! Where's the fun in not being able to track, coordinate and schedule all 300 doors by hand, mmm what fun!

Don't adopt’s a gimmick anyway and it won't last. Stick with what you've been doing for the last 20, sorry, 30 years. It’s working for you, right?

Adopting’s too hard… your staff doesn't want to do it and your computers can't handle it!


Your Competition.


  1. Psst... the competition didn't get the job anyway, because they couldn't spell "Your".

  2. Gama no me strongst poit.
    Think ive fixed it up beta now. :-)

  3. You're forgiven because the Blue Jays won last night. :)