Monday 24 August 2015

IrisVR Release v0.2.3; Revit direct to VR

IrtisVR has recently released it's latest version of their VR App.
This release has been several years in the making. Behind the scenes of the latest release; IrisVR reads the 3D model and pulls out relevant file information. While reading this 3D geometry, they have optimized the software to improve stability, reduce loading times, and expand file support. 

The manual process of creating VR walkthroughs can take hours (if not weeks), but  Iris v0.2.3 will reduces the process to seconds

IrisVR is a standalone piece software, which  the users download and install the software themselves without needing to send their files to a consultant. 

This provides users fast access to VR throughout the entire design process, allowing you to show the design ideas in VR with your clients, creating a seamless integration with existing design workflows.  

New Features
    •    Revit 2014 - 2016 File Support
    •    Autodesk Material Support
    •    Navigation Overhaul
    •    Improved Daylighting
    •    Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
    •    Scale Model "Dollhouse" Mode
    •    File Load Time Improvements
    •    Start Position Reimagined
    •    New Revit VR Plugin

Known Bugs
    •    Jagged edges caused by aliasing
    •    Dollhouse mode doesn't calibrate properly with cropped Revit 3D views.

This new solution enables users to quickly view their Revit files in VR! 

To access, go to and log in to download the latest build of our software. 
Controls and installation instructions can be found at

A video announcement that showcases IrisVR 0.2.3 is also available that will explain how to get your files working in Revit in seconds: 

This release is intuitive and I know IrisVR are very excited to see how companies use it. 

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