Friday 15 May 2015

C4R 4 U

Hi all, I've been busy lately working on on a number of initiatives, one of them being the use of Collaboration for Revit.

Earlier this year I was trying to get Collaboration for Revit on a couple projects in the office to facilitate collaboration with the consultants, unfortunately they didn't go ahead.. :-(

Since then it's occurred naturally on a couple projects, basically because it's the easiest solution for collaboration on certain projects. So far it's been a easy and seamless transition to C4R, this was helped in part by the services of Summit AEC setting it up for us.

So far were only using it for Architectural collaboration, I'm pushing to get the consultants on board and then the whole team using A360... looking forward to that. I think it'll save us a lot of time and help with the flow communication.

I haven't had a chance to check out the new Revit 2016 yet... haven't even heard too much about it either!

If you haven't checked out C4R yet check out the link here.


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